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Van Conversion Replacement Glass and Windows

Understanding Van Conversion Windows

Windows made by different manufacturers can be very similar. For example, van conversion window manufacturers have a similar window they each produce and use the same call size of 16 x 30. While the windows measure closely like each other, a 16 x 30 from one manufacturer will not exactly fill the hole from another manufacturer's 16 x 30. Corner radiuses, frame widths, and glass opening heights will vary. Providing accurate information to your DCM Company customer service representative will ensure the correct replacement window.

Understanding Van Conversion Replacement Glass

Originally, the glass in a van conversion window was bent before installation in a frame. Around 1981, window manufacturers began using flat glass that was secured to the window frame that was contoured in the last stages of manufacturing. In glass replacement for a van conversion window, the glass demonstrates its ability to return to its original flat state. That's why glass replacements must be pressed into the bent frame then secured with a glass clip. Your DCM Company customer service representative will need all the information on the window to ensure your replacement glass will bend into the frame correctly. 

DCM Company is a trade-based company selling replacement van conversion windows and glass, motor home windshields and windows to glass shops across the country. Glass shops rely on us as the best single source for RV replacement glass. For the best service to repair your personal vehicle, print this page and take it AND your vehicle to your local glass shop. Ask the shop manager to call our customer service department toll-free number 1-888-303-8570. Or, the manager can e-mail Customer Service.

Van Conversion Vehicle Information

Year of van
Make of van
Model of van
Name of van conversion company

Window Information

Where is the window located on the van? Which side of the vehicle, driver side or passenger side? Is the towards the front or back or the only conversion window on that side of the van?

Van Conversion Window Examples

What does the window look like?

Please describe the window.

Solid Van Conversion Replacement Window
Vertical Lift Vertical Life Van Conversion Replacement Window
Bottom T-Slider Botton T-Slider Van Conversion Replacement Window Top T-Slider Top T-Slider Van Conversion Replacement Window
Half Slider Half-Slider Van Conversion Replacement Window Other? All Glass? Frameless? Buttons, hinges and handles for Able pop-out/tip-out windows are not available.


Provide the outside frame dimensions of the entire window (always measure at widest point).

Width (in inches)

Height (in inches)

Frame & Tint

What color is the frame? Is there a chrome strip in the frame? Please describe the frame:

Check one:
The window is angled
Angle T-Slider Van Conversion Replacement Window
The window is 90
90 Degree T-Slider Van Conversion Replacement Window

What is the tempering DOT number?

Example of what the tempering mark looks like and finding the DOT on the glass:

This example has a DOT of 243.


Is there a window manufacturer name or sticker on the window? If so, please include:

Example of window manufacturer's name on the drain slot cover:

Example of manufacturer's name on a sticker on the window:

Glass Only or Entire Window

Do you need the entire window or just glass:
Glass Only Entire Window
If you need glass only, which piece of glass do you need?

If you need the sliding portion of glass only, do you need a handle?
(Click here to see a handle that is bolted onto the slider glass.)
Yes, handle required.     No, handle not required.

Check one:
The glass tint is:
31% Grey Lite (darker than the glass in the van's driver door).
Standard Auto Tint (same as the glass in the van's driver door).
Describe other tint here:

Please include any additional information about the vehicle or window you feel we should know.

Please provide information on yourself so that a customer service representative may contact you:

Your first name
Your last name
Your company name
If you are with a company, what type of business are you in?
(include area code)
Fax number
(include area code)
E-mail address


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